We offer a multitude of services all around blasting, power blasting, and powder coating services.

Before we powder coat it is all about the preperation, you need a good clean serface to start with,

In the picture below you can see the left wheel straight off of a car, the middle after our blasting service and the right is obviously once it has been powder coated.


For more information about the blasting side to our business, you can find more info here ---> WREXHAM SAND BLASTING

We always have wheels in to be cleaned and re-coated, due to drivers hitting kerbs and peeling of the original laquer etc,

However we can powder coat anything up to about 6.5 metres in length and because of the size of the bigger ovens can do loads of little items in one pass which is ideal for busy engineering firms for example who need high volume work on a quick turn around basis. 


Old fly press restoredWe also restore many old items to somewhere near their former glory.

We have recently lovingly restored this old fly-press weighing in at just under a ton in weight, it had to have a careful low-pressure blast after a chemical strip and over 3 hours of pre-heating in the 6.3 meter oven due to the height and the weight of the cast iron, it really does take a long time to heat up to the correct temperature.

It was then powder-coated in signal blue and hopefully the results speak for themselves.

This will give the press a new lease of life as it will now be put back to work.